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"Women Want Everything!” - 


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Pay Info: Contract Pay, plus IMDB credit and meals on set.

When:  Now

Where: By video

Call backs:  Upon request

FILM DETAILS:                 

Logline: Four clueless misfits set out on a journey to discover just what it is women want…what ensues is a rocket–ride of laughter!

CREDITS: IMDB (Internet Movie Database) credit.  

PROJECT NOTES: We're now casting "Women Want Everything!”  An Independent feature film.  This is I.F.'s sixth feature length film intended for U.S. and foreign DVD release.  Principal photography shall commence in July 2022.  Craft services on-set and meals provided for full days.  

CASTING DETAILS:  Please send all headshots/resumes or demo reels to:

Include the film title and film role you’re interested in playing in the subject line. Once we receive them we will call or email you to schedule an appointment time.  Once you've received your appointment time then please download the Casting Application (below) and the sides you’re interested in and bring them to the casting. If you do not see a side for that role pick another one and let us know what role you're interested in. Please have a dramatic monologue prepared as well (3 minutes max). There are many roles that span the age ranges between 20-35, so if you don’t see something quite right for you but you meet the age range, please submit. Also, the color of hair and descriptions of the characters are not set in stone. 

Video auditions are encouraged only if you absolutely CAN NOT make the audition in person and we request them.  Please only apply if you are serious about your craft and working long hours.   

Lastly, we are a serious production company which films approximately 1-2 films a year. We only expect real submissions. A day on set could be 10 to 12 hours so be prepared to take the day off from work. Be responsible with your schedule because it's impossible to get someone to replace you at the last second. We welcome all new-comers. Any other questions feel free to ask on your response email. Please include phone numbers and any alternate email addresses as well.

Crew positions still needed so please submit resumes.  Seeking PA's, Grips, Gaffers & Interns.

Casting Application

Casting Breakdowns:

Marcus (Lead) - 25-35 age range.

African-American. The intelligent one of the group.  Level headed and able to deal with the other misfits.

Marcus scene

Anoop (Lead) - 25-35 age range.

Indian.  Slightly off and thinks he knows everything but doesn't quite.  

Anoop scene

Stuart - (Lead) - 25-35 age range.  The redneck of the group. He's the most clueless of the friends. Has a good heart though and the best of intentions.

Stuart scene

Shanequa (Supporting) - African-American, Jim's hot girlfriend, (25-35 age range). Lots of attitude. 

Shanequa's sides

Sarah (Supporting) – 25-35 age range. Anoop's girlfriend. Cute caucasion girl next door look.  

Sarah's sides

Tina (Supporting) – 25-35. Marcus' girlfriend.  High maintenance girl, out for a man with money.

Tina sides

Floyd the Barber) (Supporting) 1-3 scenes w/lines.

Provide monologue

Old Man Willie (Supporting) 1-3 scenes w/lines.

Provide monologue

Featured & Extras:

Coming Soon! 

Thank you for submitting!