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Welcome to Inspiration Films, a full-service Film Production Company dedicated to producing exceptional content. We create to entertain and inspire all audiences.

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Women Want Everything!

Four clueless misfits set out on a journey to discover just what it is women want...what ensues is a rocket-ride of laughter!
Now Available on DVD/VOD!

The Connection

The Connection

Two strangers struggle to overcome insurmountable odds when they are suddenly faced with unimaginable powers and an unbreakable connection.
Now available on DVD/VOD!

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King Charles

The production of this project occurred over the course of twenty-eight days. At Inspiration Films, we consider ourselves storytellers with our preferred medium of delivery being digital HD.  Films about: A shady DEA agent does everything in his power within and outside the law to catch a cocaine kingpin. Two film festival laurels!  Now available on DVD/VOD!



This Indie Movie features a conceptual and technical collaboration.  Films about: A disillusioned woman tries to gain control of her life as the people close to her begin to die mysteriously.  Film festival laurel!  Now available on DVD/VOD!

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Mr. Engagement

After working on this production for a few months, we were extremely happy with the outcome.  Films about: An un-committing guy thinks he has life beat but when his girlfriend breaks up with him, he’s determined to get her back by getting engaged – to another woman! Film festival laurel!  Now available on DVD/VOD!

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