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Every once in awhile I. F. partners with other theatre production companies in theatre production.  Their last project was the release of Rod Grant's hit comedy "Women Want Everything!"  See scenes from the show below!  Contact us if you have a production in mind!

About the Show:  

Logline: Four clueless friends set out on a journey to discover just what it is women want.  What ensues is a rocket ride of laughter!

Dan returns from a disastrous date and looks to his friends to answer the age old question that all men have been trying to answer for eons.  “What exactly do women want?”  Clueless but determined they each set out to test their individual theories.  But when each theory proves unsuccessful they find themselves back at the poker table to try and test another solution.  What do women want anyway?  Is it money?  Is it shoes?  Is it jewelry?  What ensues is a hilarious journey to discover women just might want everything!       

Contains adult language, situations and subject matter.

Approximate running time is 90 minutes.

Click on the following links to see more footage!

WWE Scene 1, Dan returns from his date

WWE Anoop's date

WWE Dan's disappointment

WWE Stu's date

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